A Touch of Wood and Faux Wood Warms the Home

Cordless lift add convenience to any wood or faux wood blind!

Cordless lift add convenience to any wood or faux wood blind!

In a new home, every window is a blank canvas; giving the homeowner an opportunity to put their own touch, with blinds being the most popular choice. For most, the choice is between wood blinds and faux wood blinds. But we dare to ask the question, “why not a little bit of both?”

This homeowner did exactly that. For their living room, they selected wood blinds with a cotton cloth tape. In this case, we chose Graber Traditions 2″ Wood Blinds, with a Horseshoe stain and black cloth tape. It’s a perfect contrast for the cream walls in their living room.

Faux Wood blinds everywhere else!

For their upstairs bedrooms, they wanted to stay with the same dark, rich grains, but wanted to take the full benefits of faux wood — including over their bathtub, which would need to take the benefits of the moisture-resistant properties that faux wood offers.

There, as well as in all of the bedrooms, we chose Graber Lake Forest Premium 2″ Faux Wood blinds, in Morel. This dark, rich woodgrain look was the perfect compliment for the home and matches the beauty of the wood blinds downstairs. For the bonus room, we opted for 2-on-1 blinds in the same Morel color. A perfect fit!

The master bedroom is beautifully bookended with the faux wood blinds. A perfect finishing touch!

The master bedroom is beautifully bookended with Graber 2″ faux wood blinds. A perfect finishing touch!

Wood blinds offer a natural, timeless beauty — especially with stained woods from Graber or Hunter Douglas. These beautiful stains range from a light natural look to the richness of natural wood. All of our wood blinds are made from a lightweight basswood, which offer strength, stability, and of course, a rich, beautiful look.

We also offer genuine woods made from other materials – oak, cherry, mahogany, and more. Wood is a natural insulator, and completes the look of any room.

Our Premium Faux Wood blinds from Graber have the rich grains from real wood, but at a lower price. Hunter Douglas also offers some incredible faux wood patterns that have to be seen to be believed! Whether you’re looking for basic white faux wood blinds or the rich patterns from Graber or Hunter Douglas, we’ve got just the perfect look for you!

When it comes to blinds — faux wood or genuine woods, you’ve got it Made in the Shade!

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