These Trilight shades from Alta really add some soft beauty to this office, and the upholstered cornice crowns the top beautifully!

Alta TriLights: Honeycomb flexibility, design, and comfort in every window

Honeycomb shades (sometimes called cellular shades) are some of the most flexible and beautiful options available for any window. But when it comes to the ultimate flexibility in style and comfort, there’s nothing like a TriLight shade from Alta! This beautiful option combines the light control and insulation of a honeycomb with the beauty of a pleated sheer — IN THE SAME WINDOW!

Easily operate your TriLight Shade with the ease of Cordless Lift and Lock! Standard on all Alta Honeycomb shades.

Easily operate your TriLight Shade with the ease of Cordless Lift and Lock! Standard on all Alta Honeycomb shades.

We recently installed these TriLights in a local office for our friends at Fairway Independent Mortgage, and we couldn’t have been happier with the end result. Their old vinyl mini blinds were just not cutting the mustard. Several windows had to deal with direct sunlight throughout the day, and those old blinds practically melted in the harsh heat and light.

Plus, the owners wanted to really soften the look, and elevate the overall room design throughout their office. We selected several options, including some gorgeous upholstered cornices to top all the office windows, and something special for the main lobby area: A gorgeous natural drape! But first, those ugly vinyl blinds had to go.

We discussed honeycomb shades early on, but when the TriLights came up, it really piqued their interest! After all, why wouldn’t it? The concept is pretty awesome. First, take a honeycomb shade and add the flexibility of top-down, bottom up functionality. Then, add a beautiful soft sheer in the top section instead of leaving it open — and you have a TriLight! It was literally everything they wanted. And more.

So what is a TriLight?

Ask about cordless lift!

Ask about cordless lift!

With a TriLight, we can combine any honeycomb — including a blackout fabric — with a gorgeous sheer. Imagine total light and privacy control, with just a touch! All of our Alta honeycombs are always available with a free Cordless Lift and Lock lift, or can be upgraded to a true Cordless Lift system for only a few bucks! Also, we can wrap the headrail with the same fabric, giving the entire shade a beautiful, soft finish.

Couple all of that with Alta’s stunning lifetime warranty, their TriLight shades will last for years to come.

So if you’re looking for a great option for your windows and are want to give your rooms the soft and beautiful touch of TriLight shades, be sure to call us or make an appointment right now!

Now, there’s an even better reason to treat your entire home: volume discounts! Because of our sales volume, we’re an Elite Partner with Alta. As a result, we now have access to an incredible 5-10-15 discount available for ALL Alta products. Buy five, get a 5% discount. Buy 10, get .a 10% discount, and buy 15 or more, we’ll knock off an additional 15%.

So when it comes to TriLight shades for your home or office, you’ve got it Made in the Shade! Call (931) 378-5157 or click for an appointment TODAY!

Check out this video that shows the beauty and versatility of Alta TriLights!