Cat got your window? Replace your shredded blinds!

cat-blinds-pic-1We love our pets. They’re warm, furry, and give us years of love. Of course, there are times when they’re a little bit of a nuisance. Yes, we all have those moments. The dog leaves a present on the floor. The cat shreds the sofa. And heaven help us, she’ll tear those mini blinds to ribbons.

Do you need to replace shredded blinds? We can help!

It’s bound to happen at some point. When you’ve got inexpensive mini blinds (or those store-bought “faux wood” blinds that are already warping after just a few months), it’s just a matter of time before little sweet kitty opens up a can of feline rampage on your blinds.

Are there products that are pet proof? Well, there’s never a guarantee that a blind will resist a larger (or more determined) fur baby, but we’re pretty confident that we’ve got some high quality faux wood blinds that just might frustrate kitty enough to chase after that little red dot some more.

Faux Wood Blinds from Graber are a great way to add beauty to any room without breaking the bank.

Faux Wood Blinds from Graber are a great way to add beauty to any room without breaking the bank.

With faux wood blinds from Graber, we’re pretty sure that it’ll stand up to just about any punishment your little purring loved one can dish out. And with our NoHoles™ upgraded slats, it’s just a flick of the wrist to replace a damaged slats, should the worst happen!

Faux Wood is also a great insulator, and has the look of real wood without the real wood price. Everything that both you and little miss Kitty will love! And you’ll finally put those shredded blinds where they belong — in the past!

So if you’re tired of looking at shredded blinds, wondering if anything can stand up to the wrath of Cat, give us a call at Made in the Shade Clarksville and let us help you with a whole new look that’s perfect for a pet-friendly home!

Now more than ever, you’ve got it Made in the Shade!