Stained Wood Shutters offer premium elegance for any home

Stained wood shutters are the ultimate in window treatments — and they’re also among the most versatile. We recently had the pleasure of installing these beautiful Norman Normandy stained wood shutters. The results were nothing short of spectacular! Like every shutter job, it’s met with a certain amount of challenges. This particular one was no exception. […]

Use Palladian Shelf for large window openings

A Palladian Window Shelf is a simple yet effective way to address several different challenges for window treatments, especially for large openings. While we spend a great amount of time selling window treatments, we put as much emphasis on installing them properly. But neither of these things — sales or installation — is nearly as important as […]

Faux Wood Blinds look even better with bold colors

White faux wood blinds are the most popular window treatment we sell by far, and for good reason. They’re sturdy, beautiful, and inexpensive. However, we at Made in the Shade Clarksville have a particular passion for challenging our clients to think outside the box of white! Bold colors add a completely different look for any […]

Cellular Shades Keep Cool Air In

Cellular shades (sometimes called honeycomb shades) are among the most colorful of all window treatments, and they offer plenty of other benefits and flexibility. The greatest benefit could be the fact that they offer an extra barrier to keep the cool air in (or out). When your HVAC unit has to work less, heating and […]