AFTER: Graber Cellular Shades with Cordless Lift gave the needed light and heat control with a beautiful soft glow.

Cellular Shades Keep Cool Air In

Cellular shades (sometimes called honeycomb shades) are among the most colorful of all window treatments, and they offer plenty of other benefits and flexibility. The greatest benefit could be the fact that they offer an extra barrier to keep the cool air in (or out). When your HVAC unit has to work less, heating and cooling bills are lower.

Recently, we installed these beautiful Graber cellular shades in a client’s brand new dining room add-on. They were ordered with a cordless lift system, which gives them added convenience without the clutter of cords dangling from the headrail.

One of these windows was around 9 feet wide, and it’s easy to imagine their surprise when we said that we could do that large space in a single shade! The end result was absolutely beautiful. Their light filtering fabric gives the room a soft, warm glow. They raise with a simple, gentle lift, and have an extremely low profile when raised completely.

Other options for Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are also available in sheer and blackout materials — and are absolutely perfect for bedrooms and media rooms that demand total light control. Plus, we also offer side tracks for additional darkening benefits.

For high windows, or operating several shades simultaneously, consider the convenience and flexibility of motorization. Our new motor systems are easily tapped into most popular home automation systems, giving you the ability to operate your shades from your smart phone!

For additional light control, we offer a Bottom-Up, Top-Down feature that allows you to bring the top rail of the shade down, giving privacy on the lower portion of the window while letting more light in. It’s a great way to add more value to your shades.

For more information on how cellular shades might be a good fit for your home, call David or AJ today at (931) 378-5157 or sign up online for a free estimate!