Graber Cellular Shades with Cordless Bottom-Up Top-Down lift offer the convenience of cordless and extra flexibility!

Cellular Shades renew the look of a kitchen

For any remodel, the windows are often a “last thought,” but when we bring Graber Cellular Shades with Cordless Bottom-Up Top-Down lift into the mix, the end result is nothing short of stellar.

For this kitchen overhaul, the homeowner wanted to bring in a different look than the 1″ mini blinds she had before, yet still have plenty of light control for the room. We discussed 2′ faux wood blinds at first, but once the cellular shades came into the conversation, it was clear this would be the final choice.

For the kitchen bay window, we had very little room for an inside mount, so we opted to leave the headrail just barely sticking out — leaving for a very nice look. French door windows were on the next wall, and our only option was an outside mount.

Rather than leave the headrail exposed, we suggested covering the treatment with a Graber 4 1/2″ Majestic Wood Valance in a matching paint color to the rest of the trim. This gave the shades a much more completed look, and even allows them to slide inside the valance almost entirely when they’re retracted.

Graber quality is built into every single shade, as well as their limited lifetime warranty. They stand behind every product, giving this homeowner (as well as any of our other awesome clients) the peace of mind knowing that their window fashions will last a lifetime.

With the convenience of cordless lift and the flexibility of Bottom-Up Top Down control, the full view of her windows are just a pull or a tug away. With the soft elegance of cellular shades, the light is diffused throughout the room or it can be blocked outright.

Cellular shades have multiple options, and no matter what you’re looking for in your home, there’s a good chance we have a color that you’ll love, a lift that’s perfect for your window (even motorized with a remote control!), and a price that you’ll like.

So when you’re ready to look at cellular shades or any of our other top quality name-brand window fashions, you’ve got it Made in the Shade! Call David or AJ TODAY or set up your FREE in-home consultation!