Cover Those Naked Windows!

Do you have naked windows in your new home? When it comes to buying a new house, window treatments are sometimes not an immediate concern, but they should be! Especially if your bathroom features a “throne room” with a full-sized window. This window is in a home right here in Clarksville that took advantage of a great price on faux wood blinds.

It’s one thing for the neighbors to know your business, but it’s an entirely different matter when it comes to where you do your business! After all, privacy is one of our most cherished traits of home ownership — especially in there! 

So if you’ve got naked windows — especially in rooms that demand extra privacy, then start thinking about treating those windows before you move in! In most cases, we can supply temporary shades until your beautiful new treatments arrive.

But why wait? We can install your new treatments on (or very close to) the day you move in if we plan it right.

Whether you’re looking for blinds, shades, draperies, or even shutters, we’ve got the perfect window fashions for your home — and your budget. With Made in the Shade, we offer top quality products, in-home shopping, and a consultation without all those high pressure sales tactics.

Call us today to get started on YOUR project!