This master bedroom needed great light control and a perfect fit. A job for Graber Lake Forest!

Faux Wood blinds are perfect for any home

When we were invited into this beautiful new home near Adams, TN, we had the opportunity to provide them with both faux wood blinds and natural shades. It’s always a bit of a sport dodging around construction workers as they install cabinets and other fixtures while measuring for window treatments, but the finished result really speaks for itself!

This is one of the pure joys of our job at Made in the Shade. Our clients usually have a good idea as to what they want, and sometimes we have a blank canvas. With this home, we had both. She was looking for privacy in the bedrooms, and a little light control for their main TV room upstairs.

For the bedrooms, we selected Graber Lake Forest 2″ Faux Wood blinds with a custom size valance because of the unique woodwork. With the textured finish and the cord lift and tilt, it was the perfect compliment to this country home. “White” was the rule in this home, and with its high ceilings, it really gave a spacious look.

For the TV room, it needed a little bit of natural flair. With Graber Natural shades, it was the perfect touch. The Lipo pattern is a lovely look for any room, and really gave the room an added punch.

We’re proud to offer natural shades from both Graber and Horizons, with literally hundreds of styles between them. Whether you’re looking for light control, or light blocking, we have the shades and liners that are perfect for any room and any look. In many cases, we can also offer cordless lift or continuous loop control that is designed to last for years.

So whether you’re looking for blinds, natural shades, or even shutters or draperies, you’ve got it Made in the Shade! Call David or AJ today for your free in-home consultation and let us show you how beautiful your come can be!