Click this image to enlarge - and see how the blinds stack up!

You Get What You Pay For in Faux Wood Blinds, Part 2

Do Your Blinds Stack up to Graber Faux Wood Blinds?

When it comes to blinds, we’ve always said that the slats are “where it’s at.” Store-bought brands might be less expensive or even downright cheap, but with window treatments, you really do get what you pay for!

Click this image to enlarge - and see how the blinds stack up!

Click this image to enlarge – and see how the store-bought blinds stack up to Graber!

We decided to put our claim to the test. We’ve already seen how the Graber Simple Selections 2” Faux Wood blind slat has so much more volume when compared to the generic store-bought “plantation” blind. But how does it compare to a popular name brand that’s also available in stores?

There’s no better way to find out than to buy one of their products and stack everything side by side. Which is exactly what we did. We took 12 slats from each product and stacked them right on top of each other. To make sure none of the warpage affected how they stacked (and yes, that was a problem with the store bought products), we glued them together. We wanted to make sure that these slats were compared side by side properly.

When you look at the images show, you’ll see just how dramatic the difference really is. The “plantation blind” product really shows how thin their slats are when compared to the other two. But even the popular name brand (just for fun, we’ll tell you that their brand name starts with an L) doesn’t measure up to the richness of the Graber faux wood product.

This is why Graber stands by every product that they make. Some brands offer warranties — a year, ten year, maybe even a lifetime — but Graber puts a limited lifetime warranty on on every blind they make. Every single one.

But stacking isn’t all that we wanted to show. When a blind hangs in a window, gravity affects it over time. While we had the slats out, we wanted to see just how sturdy they were. So we let each of the stacks hang over the ledge of our patio wall — about 15” for all of them. Once again, the Graber slats stood apart.

All of the stacks showed a little bowing, but Graber’s Simple Selection slats bowed the least.

See for yourself how each of the stacked blinds bowed — side by side. Graber stands apart every time!

See for yourself how each of the stacked blinds bowed — side by side. Graber stands apart every time!

The generic “plantation blind” was almost embarrassing it bowed so much — just under a full inch at 15/16” down from the original height. The store-bought name brand wasn’t much better at just a hair less, at 29/32” down from its original height. That was just one slat, though. The rest of them averaged about 5/8” down from their original height. 

The Graber Simple Selections faux wood blind, though, stood apart, bowing a mere 1/2” from its original height. 

The choice for quality faux wood blinds is clear. With Graber Simple Selections, you can treat your windows with high quality blinds at a cost that’s competitive with those store-bought name brand blinds — and get much more value for the dollar. 

Sure, you could get those cheap “plantation” things. But why would you want to spend money on something you’ll just have to replace in a couple of years? Or sooner?

That’s Made in the Shade. Real value. Real quality. Real simple. Simple Selections from Graber.

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