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Faux Wood Blinds: You Get What You Pay For, Part 3

Blinds — especially Faux Wood Blinds are easily the most popular item that we sell. They’re inexpensive, durable, and really go a long way to complete the look in any room. But the real value is in the quality of the product — something we’ve talked quite a bit on this blog. Check out our other entries also:

You see, big box stores all across the nation offer their versions of faux wood blinds, usually for a price that’s so low it’s hard to believe. But when you look at the display models, the corners that were cut to get those too-good-to-be-true prices are glaring and obvious. If you know what to look for, that is.

Faux Wood Blinds should stand the test of time

These store-bought blinds aren't even two feet wide, and they're already sagging near the top.

These store-bought blinds aren’t even two feet wide, and they’re already sagging near the top.

Take this lovely selection at a local store — it’s a quaint, simple faux wood blind that we see every day. Wand tilt, cord lift. But look at the slats themselves. Especially that top one. See how it’s sagging on the ends? I don’t think we really have to say this — but come on! This blind can’t be more than 18″ wide, and it’s sagging!

This is nothing more than a cheap, foamy vinyl that will last a year before you see the same results in your window — if you’re lucky. The lower the sag, the lower the quality.

With our blinds from Graber and Norman, you’ll never see this kind of serious lame-itude. These tough PVC slats are designed to never crack, warp, fade, or peel. They always look great, and they’re stupid easy to clean. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Cut The Lift Cord Clutter

These popular store brand blinds are cluttered with multiple lift cords on the right.

These popular store brand blinds are cluttered with multiple lift cords on the right.

Then there’s this lovely gem from across the aisle of this particular store. It’s a beautiful example of a popular, name-brand blind. The warranty isn’t bad, and their slats are pretty decent, too. It’s what’s known as a “cut-down” blind that the store cuts the blind down to the correct width for the customer, using customer measurements.

Take a look at the lift cords on the right. Count them. All four of them. Again, this is a blind that’s about 18″ wide, and it has four lift cords. That means you’ll need to grab all four of those things evenly to lift your blinds evenly. On a larger blind, that’s not easy. It certainly isn’t pretty.

At the price these particular name-brand blinds go for, it’s a cut down blind at a cut rate. Then the installer has to either tie those cords together. When it comes to child safety, that’s a hazard just waiting to happen! Yikes!

Get Real Quality in Faux Wood Blinds

Graber and Norman both tame their lift cords on all of their blinds. Norman uses a breakaway device to tie all their cords together near the top, with a single lift cord that pulls the blind when they need to be raised. For safety, this device literally breaks away with a certain amount of pressure, greatly reducing the risk to small children.

Graber uses a similar tassel to tie all those cords together near the top with no more than two cords visible. It’s a clean, sturdy, easy system that’s designed to look great no matter what. No muss, no fuss, and no clutter.

Graber also offers the convenience of cordless lift as an upgrade — the ultimate safety for blinds in bedrooms with small children.

In most cases, we can get high quality Graber or Norman blinds in your windows for only a few dollars more per window than you might pay at a big box store. It’s always a superior product at a great price. So skip the sag and cut the clutter and call us to get a free estimate for your home!

When it comes to high quality blinds and great prices, you’ve got it Made in the Shade! Call David or AJ today!