AFTER: Graber Elite 2" Wood Barnwood Blinds were the perfect choice to highlight the beauty of the room and the view.

Graber 2″ Barnwood blinds stand apart from boring white!

For this sunroom, we had a particularly interesting challenge. How do we fit the existing decor, let in plenty of light, and keep from being dull and boring? We looked through several different types of samples — from roman shades to cellular, to even our popular solar shades. Nothing seemed to fit. Finally, we pulled out the selector we almost never use (but should!) — the Elite Wood Barnwood Blinds from Graber.

Graber is the country’s second largest manufacturer of window fashions, so it’s only natural for them to have some of the most spectacular blinds in existence. We didn’t even have to find the ultra exotic for the perfect fit in this room, we went even more rustic with a stunning barnwood design that really let the room’s features sing!

We didn’t want white. Everyone does white! White is just white! White is everywhere! Did we mention everyone does white? Well, they do! But of course, we love installing white blinds. However, there’s a difference between having blinds, and having blinds that get noticed! The Graber Elite Barnwood 2″ Wood Blinds — well, they’ll definitely get a second look. As beautiful as white blinds would be, this was a choice that really highlights the room’s overall look.

It really was a perfect color fit. We went through several stained wood choices and none of them were right. Besides, there was already a ton of stained wood in the room, and we didn’t want to darken the room any. White certainly wasn’t an option. But this beautiful textured, lightly-stained look of the barnwood really stands out.

So when you’re ready to look for something unique — or even if you want to go with basic white, we’re ready to serve. Blinds don’t have to be “the same-old, same-old,” but they certainly need to be of quality with a warranty that actually stands behind the product. Graber’s limited lifetime warranty can’t be beat, and with Made in the Shade, you know your blinds will be installed perfectly every time.

For white blinds or awesome barnwood blinds, you’ve got it Made in the Shade! Call David or AJ Today at (931) 378-5157 or set up your free in-home consultation today!