Introducing the Shademobile!

Introducing the Shademobile - our Ford Explorer looks better than ever covered with graphics!

Introducing the Shademobile – our Ford Explorer looks better than ever covered with graphics!

In a sea of steel, fiberglass, and rubber, one car dares to stand apart from the crowd. One car sheds its boring, silver outline for a look that will find its way into neighborhoods all over town. It’s the Shademobile!

Its mild-mannered past as a plain, silver passenger carrier are long behind it — emerging into its glorious future with Made in the Shade of Clarksville! While we were content to have a simple car magnet tell the world about our wares, we knew it was time to take the next step. Our products are worth shouting about, and there are few better way to shout than with a car wrap!

This Ford Explorer, proudly wrapped in vinyl graphics from the always-awesome SergioRod DeSIGNS, drivers and passersby will know the Shademobile is in their neighborhood with but a glance. It has but one purpose in the Clarksville area — to rescue homeowners from naked windows and boring window treatments!

Need blinds? The Shademobile is here to the rescue! How about shades? Yes! The Shademobile has just the look you want. Shutters? Oh boy, does the Shademobile ever deliver! But what of draperies and premium roman shades? Yes! The Shademobile has it all! There might even be a few new surprises in the future, but the Shademobile is ready to move for you!

Okay, enough with the cheesy comic-book silliness — we’re just so excited about the new look for our company car that we had to share it with the world. But the biggest goal is to share our products and services with YOU. After all, we have people to serve and windows to cover. With products from Graber, Hunter Douglas, Horizons, Norman, and more — we have just the perfect look for your home.

No matter what, we take your job seriously whether you need one window covered or a hundred. It’s all part of the Shademobile’s day!

So call us today and ask for David or AJ — and ask us to bring the Shademobile to YOUR home so that we can show you how beautiful your windows can be.

Now, more than ever, when it comes to getting the best window fashions in the industry at a great price, you’ve got it Made in the Shade!