New Composite Shutters off Madison Street

When it comes to shutters, they’re the ultimate in window fashions. In fact, they’re window furnishings. New composite shutters from Graber are a perfect way to take the overall look of your home into a new level of style and class. For this classic home off Madison Street in Clarksville, we replaced blinds that were several decades old with new composite shutters with a 3″ louvers and a hidden tilt.

It’s not often that we see 2″ metal blinds, and boy did we see them here! They held up nicely over the years, but the homeowners wanted to refresh their look. They already had shutters installed elsewhere in the home, so our task was to give a similar look. With the added challenge of some very crooked walls (old house, remember?), we installed these shutters in the master bedroom that will last for another 40 years. Beautiful!

And then, there was the laundry room. It is graced with a beautiful stop-sign shaped window that she wanted to cover with shutters. In most cases, we would have offered a custom-crafted special shape shutter, but we had two extra considerations. First was price. The second was the fact that the octagonal shaped window was framed with a square trim construction.

Graber Shutter Solutions!

Our solution was to install a shutter that was designed to fit the trim instead of the window — taking advantage of a much lower price for the small window, and giving the exterior a matching look of shutters throughout the front of the home.

Plus, they’re a great way to add resale value to your home. Shutters are the only window treatments that have this great benefit. With Graber, these composite materials are strong, sturdy, and absolutely beautiful. The stabilizer bar adds even more strength and the extra perk of being able to close the top half while opening the louvers on the lower. Or vice-versa.

Find out how quickly we can have shutters installed in your home — and at a price that you’ll like! With composite shutters from Graber, you’ve got it Made in the Shade!