Norman Faux Wood Blinds Offer Genuine Performance

Blinds are a staple of what we offer at Made in the Shade Clarksville, and we’re proud to offer some of the best blinds in the industry. Whether you’re looking for wood, aluminum, vinyl, or faux wood blinds, we’ve got the perfect look. for any home, and at any budget.

We’ve recently expanded our offering to include products from Norman Window Fashions — including their wood and faux wood blinds. Their claim to fame is that they are the best in the industry, and their features really add validity to that claim!

There are a dozen ways that Norman blinds set themselves apart from other brands. While some of these features being part of their engineering, we can talk about some of the obvious ones with great ease.

Norman Blinds with SmartPrivacy™ sets them apart


Most blinds have these unsightly route holes for the ladder cords, but Norman’s design allows complete privacy. It’s an added standard feature that are an extra charge for most manufacturers!

The most obvious feature is the standard SmartPrivacy™ design of their slats.

This feature allows a tight close of all of the blinds, and without any visible route holes. No matter what direction they’re closed, it’s going to be a snug fit, giving complete privacy. It’s ideal for bedrooms, especially those rooms with east-facing windows. The SmartPrivacy™ also gives some really great room darkening action as well!

And that’s just one of the features that allows Norman blinds to stand apart. The slats are 30% lighter than other blinds, and they are designed to resist color fading, yellowing, and warping. Plus, they’ll never crack or peel.

Slat Size isn’t Everything

Another benefit to Norman blinds is the fact that 2 1/2″ slats are available at the same price as their 2″ slats. This means more light, more space between slats, and an even better look in your window.

Speaking of pricing, Norman Performance Essentials blinds are some of the lowest priced products in the premium blind industry! No matter your budget, we’ll find a product that will fit your pocketbook as well as it does your window!

We’re proud to offer Norman blinds, the most technologically advanced blind available today! Plus, with industry-leading warranty and our professional sales and installation, you’re set to enjoy your blinds for years to come.

To learn more about these incredible blinds, here’s a short video that will highlight some of their features.

norman-certifiedFor faux wood and wood blinds that are designed to last and look beautiful in any room, you’ve got it Made in the Shade with Norman blinds! We’re proud to be a Certified Norman dealer, with great pricing, and the best window treatments available!

Be sure to ask about the beauty and style with bold colors of Norman Premium Faux Wood blinds! These beautiful wood-look blinds have the look, feel, and texture of real wood that really make your rooms look amazing!

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