Solar Shades are prefect for the Office or Sunroom

When you have large windows in your office or sunroom, you know very well how quickly the room can heat up during sunny days — and just how hot it can get. Then there’s the heat loss during the winter. Never a good thing. You don’t want to cover them with blinds because of the size, and standard shades are no good because you want to enjoy the view. Or, you need to be able to see through the windows for security reasons.

Which is why we offer Graber Solar Shades.

Graber offers the latest fashions and materials for their solar shades that provide not only a beautiful look for your home or office, but some fantastic benefits for your back pocket.

Windows are often a weak point for insulation in any building — especially homes — so it’s important to to consider this as well when you’re looking for the right window treatments. Many of our solar shades have a strong R rating for added insulation, making them an even better choice.

Tiny Town Animal Clinic gets Solar Shades

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The office cat is already enjoying the benefits of the new Graber solar shades!

Consider this veterinarian’s office in North Clarksville. Our friends at Tiny Town Animal Clinic were looking for a way to help control the temperature in their main lobby. In the summer, boy did it ever get hot! Staff had trouble seeing their computer screens, and the glare was just unbearable.

We helped them with a selection of Graber solar shades that were the perfect color. But the real benefit was in the dramatic night-and-day transformation of the appearance of the room as well as the temperature. Even on a cool winter day, the sun absolutely baked the lobby, but once the shades were up, it was as comfortable as could be.

Solar shades are especially great for when visibility is important — especially for a business. Many of our clients appreciate the added security of being able to see out even when the shades are down. Sometimes it’s good to see who’s walking to your door!

Homeowners love the ability to see their beautiful backyard through their solar shades while cutting down on harmful UV rays and enjoying the same insulation benefits that solar shades bring.

So when it comes to Graber Solar Shades, you’ve got it Made in the Shade!

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