Cellular Shades renew the look of a kitchen

For any remodel, the windows are often a “last thought,” but when we bring Graber Cellular Shades with Cordless Bottom-Up Top-Down lift into the mix, the end result is nothing short of stellar. For this kitchen overhaul, the homeowner wanted to bring in a different look than the 1″ mini blinds she had before, yet […]

New Cordless Cellular Shades in Woodlawn

When we were invited into this lovely home in Woodlawn, the homeowner had recently moved into town and wanted to see what we could do for her kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The light was entirely too harsh in the back side of her house, and the kitchen just downright baked at certain times of the […]

“A Wonderful Job!”

We had David come to our home to show us what Made in the Shade had to offer for our windows. We had just moved into our new home and found that most of our windows were oversized. David was able to recommend different types of shades for us and we chose the cellular shades. […]