This client chose to leave their transom window open. We installed a Palladian Window Shelf and a roller shade.

Use Palladian Shelf for large window openings

A Palladian Window Shelf is a simple yet effective way to address several different challenges for window treatments, especially for large openings. While we spend a great amount of time selling window treatments, we put as much emphasis on installing them properly. But neither of these things — sales or installation — is nearly as important as educating our clients on the benefits, features, or challenges of each product. In this article, we will discuss the importance of using the proper hardware for your window treatments.

Drill or Don’t Drill?

A great example is when we need to address a wide window opening with a half-moon arch over it. These windows are common in the Clarksville area. They’re about six feet wide and up to nine or ten feet tall at its highest point. Many popular floor plans feature these windows in master bedrooms or windows.

The challenge comes in when it comes to installing a blind across this wide opening. Nearly every window treatment in such a space would require center brackets to add support, but there’s no wood casing to drill into. Another challenge of this type of opening is that if we drill into the window transom itself (an aluminum separator between the windows and the arch), it may void the warranty of the window!

While some might be concerned about breaking the glass, there are also issues of possibly releasing argon gas, damaging the lift operation of the window, and reducing the energy efficiency of the window. All of these are possible when drilling into the frame of the window itself. Don’t do it!

In fact, we contacted several window manufacturers and asked them directly. Each of them confirm that “any alteration to the window or the frame will void the warranty.” Drilling holes for a blind is definitely an alteration, and would void their warranty. (Continued below gallery)

Palladian Window Shelves

Sure, there are people out there who’ll sidestep this to save money, but the risk of damaging the window or even cracking the glass isn’t worth it for us. The solution in this case is relatively simple: A Palladian Window Shelf. This is a finished board (usually painted to match the color of the window treatment or the trim itself) that installs from the side of the casing. It’s a solid wood shelf that adds that extra point of contact for any window treatment, and adds an additional piece of elegance for the finished product.

Palladian shelves can be as shallow or as deep as the casing, and is available is dozens of colors from different manufacturers. They’re solid, clean, and look beautiful in any setting. With this option, there are no extra holes in your windows that void your warranty, and your blinds (or any other treatment) can be installed with security and peace of mind.

Other Installation Challenges

Clarksville’s builders use a variety of windows for their new construction homes. Most are made by Andersen or other popular window manufacturers. One popular manufacturer makes a brand called Southern Rose windows. These are high quality, yet inexpensive windows that are manufactured right here in Tennessee. They are designed to be set into the casings a bit more than others, and as a result, the vinyl of the windows are closer to the wood trim, giving less room to install window treatments. 

In this case, outside mount treatments are needed, because drilling into the vinyl window frame will definitely void the warranty and possibly disrupt the window’s ability to function. Taking the easy way out could do more damage than it’s worth! We can help you select a window treatment that’s perfect for those tough challenges.

No matter what your window treatment needs are, we stand ready to provide the best products with incredible warranties and a beautiful look no matter what you choose. With our experience and product knowledge, you’ve got it Made in the Shade!

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