Wood Blinds with Cloth Tape

Wood Blinds Add Bold Styling to this Clarksville Home

Wood blinds aren’t always at the tip of our clients’ tongues when talking about planning for their new home or remodel project. They’re sleek, stylish, and add a classic style to any room. We met with this client to talk about the look she wanted in her custom-built home, so we introduced her to the Graber Traditions Wood Blind options.

Her living room had some amazing dark accents, including dark hardwood floors and black paint along the fireplace mantel. We looked at several stains, and discussed several color combinations. Our advice was the same we give for everyone: If you can’t decide what color to use, consider matching one of the three things in your room that won’t likely change — floors, walls, or trim.

So we picked a dark brown wood stain with black cloth tapes. She loved the idea of the craftsman flat valance to match her trim style. Colors picked, and it was off to the races!

Dare to Be Different!

She was so excited to see the finished project that she told her friends all about the project and the colors she selected! The feedback came back pretty hard… “that won’t look good,” she was told. “Are you sure?”

She was sure. She really was. So were we. “No worries,” we said. “They’ll go from doubters to green with envy. You just watch.” We didn’t really have to try to convince her. She knew exactly what she wanted!

We installed a couple of weeks later, much to her complete delight. The finished project was absolutely stunning! It was a perfect fit with the dark furniture and light walls. Her new wood blinds will give privacy and style for many years to come. She took pictures and sent them to her (formerly) doubting friends, and they were completely won over! Sometimes it’s perfectly fine for your friends to be jealous! After all, we would love to work with them too!

Call Us for Custom Wood Blinds Today!

We were absolutely delighted to have provided these amazing products for her beautiful home. Wood blinds are perfect for a timeless look in any home. And when you combine a gorgeous stain color with a classic cloth tape, it gives your new blinds a look that tells everyone around you… that you’ve got it Made in the Shade!

In fact, check out the Graber website (one of our awesome manufacturing partners) and see more details about these stunning blinds. Also, try the Virtual Window to see how they’ll look in your home!

So if you’re ready to consider wood blinds for your home or business, call us right now at (931) 378-5157 or request an appointment online!