Graber Wood Blinds with Cloth Tapes - a perfect choice for this Craftsman home!

Wood Blinds: Class and Style for Any Home

When we bring out the wood blinds sample book, there’s always a conversation about what’s best for those windows, and for that home. For this beautiful Craftsman style home in Paris, TN, it was a choice between shutters and wood blinds.

It was the lower price and design flexibility of wood blinds that won out for their living room, and the end results were absolutely striking. They chose Graber 2 3/8″ wood blinds with a Saddle Brown stain and a brown colored cloth tape.

The cloth tapes really add a lovely classic look to these blinds and enhance the timeless style of their stained wood trim. This is just one example of how wood blinds can add to the look and style of any home, and any window.

Wood Blinds aren’t the only option!

Check out the detail on these beautiful wood blinds — imagine how this could look in your home!

Check out the detail on these beautiful wood blinds — imagine how this could look in your home!

But don’t think for a second that wood blinds are the only way to get this beautiful, classic look for your home. Today’s faux wood blinds have every bit of the texture, grandeur, and style of wood. All of this comes at a lower price than wood, and they’ll never warp, crack, fade, or peel. It’s the best of both worlds. Plus, they’re wicked easy to clean!

Whether you use wood or faux, the stained or the print, it’s a beautiful and a great way to enhance your room from the outside in! We offer beautiful blinds from four different manufacturers, so there’s plenty to choose from: Graber, Hunter Douglas, Timber, and Norman.

Plus, there’s a level of flexibility you’ll get with blinds that you won’t see on many other products. We offer cordless lift, motorized tilt, cloth tapes, custom stain and paint colors, and even multiple colors on single blinds! Truly, this is a level of flexibility that you’ll love.

So call David or AJ today and get a free estimate on wood blinds for your home. It’s a classic look with style that will never go out of date!

When it comes to wood blinds, you’ve got it Made in the Shade!