These beautiful wood blinds are the perfect touch for this country home!

Wood Blinds were the finishing touch on this beautiful home!

Wood blinds have been a staple in American homes for decades. In fact, many of today’s manufacturers have added their own touch to this time-honored classic window treatment. Their natural beauty adds to the richness of any room, and for those looking for a rustic, country feel, it’s a perfect choice.

We spent quite a bit of time talking with the client about different options with the client for her windows. One room in her home has a whopping 15 windows on it, and she really wanted something that would help cut down the heat from the sun!

As anyone with a sunroom knows, more windows means more heat — it’s like a greenhouse attached to your house! We discussed the benefits of some solar shades, but the overall look wasn’t really the ideal choice.

With stunning wood floors, a cocoa color on their trim, and lots of windows, wood blinds were the perfect choice!

With stunning wood floors, a cocoa color on their trim, and lots of windows, wood blinds were the perfect choice!

Blinds are an excellent way to knock out the glare, while blocking that intense heat as well. Their flexibility was an added benefit as well. Tilt them down in the summer to keep the heat out and tilt them up in the winter to give your heater a little help. Sure, there are plenty of window treatments that offer the same light control as blinds (especially layered shades and top-down-bottom-up Romans or Honeycomb shades).

So when we discussed all of the options, blinds came to the top of the list. Their flexibility, natural beauty, and incredible customization options were all factors in the decision. Plus, wood blinds are still some of the most reasonably-priced of premium window treatments available today.

Wood Blinds vs. Faux Wood Blinds

Wood blinds have very lightweight slats, so they can have a wider gap between their ladders (cords or cloth tape that hold the blinds in place), giving more view-through than their faux wood counterparts. Plus, nothing beats the natural beauty of stained wood.

Faux wood can be heavy, but it’s easy to clean. Today’s wood blinds need very little maintenance with their finish, so a simple feather duster (or even dust with a drier sheet!) is all that’s usually needed.

It was exactly the kind of project that we love doing the most — taking a blank canvas with the beautiful warm, rustic tones of the home, and putting together a window treatment option that looks incredible. The end result was simply spectacular!

Does your home need that extra special touch? Have you just moved in, and you have no idea what to put in your brand-new, very NAKED windows? If you’re looking for options that are outside of the white-blinds-in-every-window box, then we’d love to help!

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So when it comes to wood blinds, you’ve got it Made in the Shade!