Corner bedroom, double whammy! Two beautiful wood panel shutters set this room apart.

Wood Shutters transform arched windows into the ultimate style

Wood shutters are among the most exquisite window treatments available, and they truly represent the top of the line of our premium option. But when we have the opportunity to add this level of high quality class to an arched window, we just can’t resist telling about it! It’s the ultimate in treatments that not only add value to a home, but really transforms the overall look of the room.

This home overlooks beautiful Lake Barkley in Kentucky, and the client was eager to cover some seriously naked windows. Every bedroom has an arched window, so this presented its own challenge.

The hardwood floors provided an opportunity to add a little more color in the window, but it was a little different in each room, and it was already fading from being exposed to bare sunlight over the years. In the end, we settled on a white painted wood shutter that matched the trim.

Wood shutters perfect for arches

Graber Wood Shutters were the perfect choice for these arches, and the classic look of a tilt bar was an ideal finishing touch. We even had an arched window over the bathtub — one of the largest ones we’ve seen so far!

Each room had its own touch and its own flavor. By keeping all the shutters the same color, it allows the homeowner the flexibility to change the decor in the rooms without having to work around an odd color shutter. Sometimes, white is the best choice not only for now, but for future considerations. After all, who wants to replace a shutter because it no longer fits the decor?

If you’re ready to talk about these exquisite window treatments, we are excited to give you a free estimate during our in-home consultation. Let us show you how these durable products operated, and how they can literally transform your room into a palace.

When it comes to arched panel and custom shaped wood shutters, you’ve got it Made in the Shade! Call David or AJ today for your free in-home consultation.